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Connecting the world with interconnection solutions, TT has not forgotten about the less fortunate of society. Working closely with the Palghar District administration, TT has designed and renovated 8 anganwadis which house more than 400 children. The dilapidated structures were pulled down and made afresh with all-weather sheds which will easily last for another 10 years without any repairs. This was done in areas such as, Jadhav Pada, Mauli Pada, Birari Pada and many such villages under Vikramgad taluka which are completely cut off from the mainstream and infamous for malnutrition affected children. TT thanks the district administration and Savali Trust for their cooperation in executing the project.

Taking CSR @TT further, in the 25th year of our establishment, TT has donated a fully equipped mobile clinic with doctor, nurse and pathology lab to the NGO Savali Trust for deployment in areas such as Zaap, Pawar Pada, Phanas Pada, Kegwa, Vehle Pada, Karhe, Kardhan, Kundacha Pada under Vikramgad taluka. This mobile clinic will touch the lives of over 60,000 people a year by travelling to inaccessible rural areas and providing health care solutions. NGO Savali Trust is responsible for the day- to-day running of the clinic and TT will continue to extend full support for this venture.