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terminal technology connectors

Established in 1993, TT is entering the 25th year of providing interconnection solutions for the Auto, Appliance, Electrical, Electronics and connected world. With over a billion connections executed every year, TT is in a position to offer a single stop solution for intricate and complicated connection systems for the space starved and cost competitive industry. Leading from the front, TT has been bringing the latest technologies to the country and currently occupies the pole position as a solution provider. With design, tool/mold execution, production centers and full-fledged testing facilities, TT can execute a range of catalogue parts and custom-built solutions with ease in a very tight development cycle. TT works with OEMs and Tier 1 manufacturers to convert ideas to part deployment with cost competitiveness and Short timelines.


Connect & Grow

Connect & Grow is established with the aim of connecting maximum contacts affecting the global population covering all industries like automobile, Electrical ,Electronics, new age gadgets etc. It covers a range of catalogue product which find applications in automobile wiring harness, appliance wiring harness and white goods applications. Of late, TT has been developing bespoke products for the challenging customer requirements to meet the new design requirements emerging from the industries. We are proud to be present in many overseas and domestic brands as original equipment parts. Producing over a billion parts a year, TT is poised for continuous growth owing to heavy investment in catalogue parts and in R&D on behalf of clients who are looking for new part introduction. TT take pride in continuing with its original customers even after 25 years of service and take all efforts for new customer addition year on year.